Tuesday, February 16, 2010

H is for Hades

This past weekend, the end of the world officially happened: it snowed in Charleston. And it stuck, several inches. On Friday night, rain turned into sleet which eventually turned into snow, which accumulated quickly, some 2-4 inches, and then stayed all through Saturday when the temperature cooperated and didn't get much above freezing. The novelty of it all was offset by the fact that power outages hit our area. We were out for only a few hours in the middle of the night, as far as we can tell, but the hospital was hit long enough for the servers to go down, necessitating all kinds of emergency procedures to keep the patients safe and medicated correctly. In other words, the husband had a busy Saturday starting when he was paged about developments at 6am. Fun, fun, fun!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, J got up around 7am, and we took him to see the snow from the window. He was suitably impressed, but then this is the same child who gets inordinately excited over rediscovering his own toys a day or two after he has played with him last. I'm pretty sure we could get him to act excited about, I don't know, pavement if we presented it with enough enthusiasm for him to mimic. Then we all had pancakes (apparently we like pancakes for birthdays and snow days) and set to work taking advantage of the husband's time at home since it seemed a given that he would have to go into the hospital and troubleshoot at some point soon.

We spent a few hours organizing J's room such that we could bring home Baby #2 at any point and actually have some clothes accessible for him. Which meant we went through the bins in the closet, took out the newborn to three months clothes, donated more stored items to Goodwill, consolidated bins after the donations, organized and put away all the 12-18 months clothes we are no longer using, found all the infant bottles and diapers we had stored away, located the Baby Biorn and the nursing pillow, and organized everything else that was left so we would be able to get to what we might need easily. I felt much better about going into labor once we were through, which is mainly the point of all this nesting, right??

And still the snow lingered. Really, this has been a wacky weather year on the East Coast, and I won't be sad to see it behind us. Hopefully, all this weather craziness will be behind us by the time Baby #2 appears on the scene!

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