Friday, February 19, 2010

K is for Kicks

We joked when J was in the womb that he better be a soccer star to repay me for all the kicking he did. J was fond of kicking up into my ribs and then lodging his foot there. I was NOT fond of this maneuver. I used to refer to him as Kicky McKickster or variations on that theme, and I was not at all surprised when he arrived with incredibly well developed calf muscles. He'd just been in a 5 month workout video for crying out loud!

Baby #2 is slightly less vigorous in his kicking but what he lacks in intensity he makes up for in frequency. This child NEVER stops. And I mean never ever. He is particularly fond of rhythmic thumping, which can and has gone on for hours at a stretch. Less painful than J's antics but more annoying in the long run, since it's not QUITE totally regular, of course, and therefore specifically designed to drive someone like me INSANE! One of my friends who is just about as pregnant as I am with her second told me she often had to poke her first to make sure she was alive. I laughed, perhaps a little too manically, at such a thought. Oh no, not my babies, thank you very much!

Though I do feel sorry for #2. My lack of weight gain continues, and I know he has very little space in there and that has to hurt, literally. I feel like he is going to be long and thin, based on how he seems to be situated. He appears to be taking up every available inch of space, and, when he gets too cramped, he just shoves himself into my bladder for a little breathing room. Which, of course, takes my breath away, and, you know, makes me have to pee every freaking minute, to put it bluntly! Like I said, less vigorous, more annoying!!

Wait, how many days are left?!!!!

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