Sunday, March 07, 2010

Q is for Quiet

Today it's relatively quiet at my house, a rarity indeed these days. While Baby E is practically silent, with very little crying at all, Toddler J has decided to rachet up his own whining/crying/yelling/moaning to make it seem like there are as many people in the house as he seems to believe there are now. Yesterday and today J woke up at 4:45 am, raring to go, loud and unhappy already. That was right after I had put E back to sleep after his waking at 3:45 am to be fed, which is right now taking an hour (breast feeding enthusiasm has slowed on all sides, apparently). So I was already awake, though bleary-eyed and in a bad mood when J started to yell. I'm not sure how long this particular phase of J's adjustment will last, but I would really love for it to end pronto. I need my sleep, people!

Luckily, my savior Becca came and got J today for church, leaving me and E home alone (the husband left for church hours ago, the reward for being in the bishopric). E is now fed and ready to nap, after having had his feeding interrupted multiple times while I tried to get J ready to go. Never mind a shower for me during all these preparations! I despair of ever getting all three of us ready to go to church on time ever again! Doing so is going to be quite the adjustment, it appears.

For now, however, it's quiet. E is one of those babies (whom I hardly recognize) that you can put down while he's awake and then just walk away. He will either go to sleep on his own or lie there patiently, looking at his surroundings seriously (he does everything seriously; my mother said she felt like she should be talking philosophy with him when he looked at her like that) until you come to get him again. As soon as I finish this update, I am going to join him in a nap, since it appears he has already gone to sleep, now that loud J is gone.

Things are also quieter here now that my mother, sadly, has left. (Not that she was loud or anything!) I was very sad to see her go, but this is one of the high prices we pay for living so far from family. We are always saying goodbye on one end of the country or the other. Grandeur was great to have around, particularly for Toddler J, who was quite sad to realize when he woke up from his nap yesterday that she was gone. I don't think it really sank in until this morning, however, when he came in while I was nursing to get me to go something I couldn't do at the moment, and then looked around hopefully and asked "Grandeur?" Sadly, she wasn't there to help either of us any more, and she will be missed!

More to come, with pictures, but if you're missing them too much right now, head on over to the husband's blog, where he has quite a few in his last post!

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GumDropSwap said...

I wish I could put my 2yo down to sleep and walk away. I have to sit next to her bed until she dozes off. Tonight I had to rock her because she kept sitting up and saying "I'm scary (scared)".