Monday, March 29, 2010

W is for WTH?

That's "heck," in case you were scandalized. No sooner had we thought we had our heads above water re the reflux and the allergies, then J and I came down with a killer virus on Saturday night. I have had chills so intense I simply could not get warm, a headache the likes of which I haven't seen in a while, and a runny nose, and J has had a cough that is awful hear, let alone have, plus a fever and a runny nose and infectious goop in his eyes. To make matters worse, this afternoon, while shivering under a million blankets with a heater on in my bedroom, trying to convince J to get in bed and nap with me, I got up to check on E and ended up on the floor. Not sure how I got there, so I think I must have fainted. At that point, I called in reinforcements, the husband, and got an appointment at the doctor's office right then. They say I/we don't have the flu but some other virus, so now I am doped up on Tylenol and ibuprofen and mucinex D and J is on Tylenol and little noses decongestant in addition to his usual zyrtec and flonase AND we set up a humidifier in his room and elevated the head of his mattress and put kleenex in his bed by his teddy bear, and we hope all this will help him sleep. I feel much better after all my drugs, but the doc was most concerned that I stay as far away from E as possible. Umm, sure, that's totally gonna happen. I can have the husband help on some of the late feedings, but he has to work and can't be a zombie there, so I still need to do the middle of the night shifts. As it was, I got the husband up at 5 am this morning to take over for me because I simply couldn't see straight and was shivering too badly to concentrate. UGH!! I need a robot!

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