Saturday, April 10, 2010

A bra and a museum

J sentences for the day: "I hear noise, Mommy" and "what happened poor flower, Mommy?" This last was asked in an innocent voice while he was scribbling violently all over my drawing of a flower on his magnetic drawing board.

Over sharing alert: We seem to be coming out of our respective sick corners, and today is the first day in two weeks I have felt vaguely human. I celebrated by getting fitted for a bra! Actually, I celebrated my birthday by getting fitted because post baby and post no longer breast feeding and post nursing/pregnancy bras, I am in serious need of some help here. Oh, and I also got a dress on sale and two scarves for practically free (coupon), so yay me! The husband took the kids for a few hours today so I could escape and return some things (formula we no longer use, etc) and run these other fashion errands. It was fabulous!

Yesterday, J, E, and I went to the Children's Museum. It was a less than successful visit because of ill planning and a sinus headache on my part, but, nevertheless, I think we will be returning frequently. It's designed for children J's age and those a little older, so it will be a perfect place for us as soon as E becomes more portable. J was especially enamored of the art room, which has tables set up with all sorts of craft supplies and, best of all in his eyes, easels and paint. Who knew we had a frustrated artist on our hands? He mixed paints with abandon!

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