Friday, May 07, 2010


The husband's birthday passed without a mention on my blog. I am a bad wife! Partly this omission occurred because we hadn't officially celebrated yet. Toddler J insists that we can't have daddy's birthday without "purple hats," so we were going to go to the party store and get said hats and then celebrate later. It was to be a mother's day/birthday combo celebration! Partly the omission came because the husband picked out and ordered his own birthday gift this year: a new set of golf clubs.

If you know us at all, you know the husband and I have a vexed relationship with golf. He LOVES it, in all forms, at all times, in all places. I have come to like to watch some tournaments on television and have been to the driving range a time or two and once upon a time might have learned to play but then got pregnant with Toddler J, but, first and foremost, I find that actual rounds of golf take MUCH too long to play and suck the life out of any Saturday when the husband decides to go. 4 hours plus down the tubes, not counting travel time and the requisite post play bonding that must go on. Absolutely ridiculous! Consequently, as he's gotten busier, he has played less, at my behest, because I won't let that time disappear, particularly now when we don't see him for half of every Sunday and every Wednesday night.

Why, then, did I acquiesce to the purchase of the clubs? The husband now thinks I was cursing him, as his back went out the day after he ordered them, making play even more impossible. Clearly, that was just a coincidence. Really, he's been after me about new clubs almost since we got married, and I was ready to be done hearing his plaintive cries. And then he just did get an unexpected invitation to play the Ocean course at Kiawah, world-class golf, so everybody wins: he gets new clubs, he gets to play a round at an expensive, exclusive PGA tour course, he gets his yen satisfied, I don't have to hear any more about it, and the reality of our lives dictates that he really has very little time to play until the boys are old enough to go with him!


Betsy said...

Golf has survived because it is exclusive/expensive and business-friendly (physically undemanding and lots of time for lame banter/sales pitches). I have a hard time calling it a sport. In the same league as bowling (although bowling is better b/c I like it). Lucky for me, my spouse doesn't like golfing, partly b/c he sprained his ankle last time he went (he wasn't wearing golf shoes -- gasp!). We did go on a miniature golf date once. I like mini golf, esp. b/c I won (I win at all fake sports). Played it a lot as a kid.

Betsy said...

P.S. So happy FNL is back! Love, love, love that they will be tackling school inequality the whole season. My Policy Education background is so happy it's crying inside. Also, we have stopped watching Alias mid-season 4, not b/c it's so RIDICULOUS, but b/c it is so impossibly BORING (we keep falling asleep while watching it). Tragic. Maybe it's time for another TV post???