Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hodge podge

J sentence for the week, said while "helping" the husband put together a bookshelf while having a snack: "Come on, banana, let's go do some work."

And now, for some random tidbits....

J is obsessed with Easter, specifically Easter eggs. He was going on and on about making a blue egg today so I finally told him that during his nap I would call the Easter bunny and see if we could get some eggs out of season because J really doesn't like to wait for the eggs to boil and gets all traumatized during the process. So I just popped three eggs in water to hard boil them. I may have chosen to do three because that's all we had and I may have then added eggs to our shopping list, or I might have decided there was some numerical significance to the number three...nah, we all know the truth, right?

E is starting to resist being swaddled, which is all well and good for him, except that he wakes himself up when he is put down on his back unswaddled and can't stay on his stomach at night because, well, it's illegal, and so we are beginning to have swaddle wars when I put him to sleep at night. Love that! In other news, he's finding his thumb, which means we might get to retire the binks for everyone in the house, which would be fabulous!

J has been talking a lot about ladybugs lately, saying he's been seeing them in the house, and the husband mentioned that he thought J might be scared of them, so I spent a little while explaining how much we like ladybugs, how cute they are, etc., etc., etc. Then, this morning, he called me into the kitchen to see a ladybug, and I found him lying on the floor...a foot away from a two inch cockroach! "That is NOT a ladybug," I screamed as I grabbed our industrial strength flyswatter and demolished the roach. Then we had another talk about how cockroaches are not cute or cuddly or our friends and how we don't EVER touch them, particularly not the BIG ones. And then I went off to accept my parenting award!

And we've finally conquered our technical difficulties so we have new pictures of E (and J) in the web gallery. He smiles! He laughs! He giggles! He's cheeky! Go, look, enjoy mah baby!

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