Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Toddler J speaks again

More J-isms from the last few weeks:

Happily, after being rescued from falling off the back of a bean bag chair: "Mommy, you're a good helper."

Excitedly, while wandering around with either the husband's motorcycle helmet on backwards or a stocking cap on his face, usually while bumping into walls or trash cans: "Where I going?? Where I going?"

Definitively, after a nap: "I was just sleeping, Mommy. I was just resting my legs under the blanket."

During sacrament meeting, when another child yells loudly, the noise echoes off the cement walls. Twice now, the first time with lots of concern, the second time much more off-handedly: "There's a boy trapped in the wall!"

Plaintively, when trying to get me to stay in his room after lights out: "But I love you, Mommy. Please don't go! PLEASE stay with me!"

Enthusiastically, when greeting Baby E after one or the other wakes up from a nap: "Who is it? Baby E!" (I always say to them "Look who it is?" when they greet each other at times like these.)

Confusedly, after finding a small dinosaur toy at a restaurant: "What is this?" (It's a dinosaur.) "Can I eat it?" (No, it's not food; it's a toy.) " WONDERFUL!"

During one of his VERY early morning playing sessions.

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Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

You ARE a good helper. Love it.