Monday, November 15, 2010

Boy talk

Oh, the joys of these boys! E is teething interminably and now is waking up consistently in the middle of the night when his Tylenol wears off. He either goes right back to sleep as long as he is cuddled up with me OR he really needs second dose and then stays awake for 45 minutes until it kicks in and/or exhaustion wins. Either way, both of us have been having a string of sleep-deprived nights. SIGH! And just as he and I are spending all this quality nocturnal time together, E has become even more enamored of the husband, crying out the minute he sees him and protesting loudly when he is not being held by the husband if he's around. Twice in two days the husband walked into E's room where I was hanging out with the boys after E's nap and surprised us, and the next day, E was visibly disappointed when I showed up to get him with out bringing Daddy along.

Meanwhile, J is becoming a bit of a handful. He has been taken out of nursery or we've been brought in for both of the last two weeks. The first time, the husband was called because J was standing in the middle of the room screaming uncontrollably. We think it had something to do with not wanting to share a toy, but when questioned, J told the husband he was yelling because he "missed Daddy." Today, J was taken out just a few minutes early, but still, and told me he didn't want to share a train (though when he told the story to the husband later, he changed his tune and said he "just missed Mommy and didn't want her to miss him." Where does he get the spin from, I wonder?

Sadly, J's problems are multiple: he is napping less and less and fighting harder and harder not to sleep; he is asserting his own authority more and more; he still struggles with sharing, obviously; and he is addicted to candy (Thank you very much, Halloween. You and I are in a fight.). Oh, and potty training is imminent. Yay!

But they're so cute, despite it all!


Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

And isn't it a good thing they are so cute? Definitely helps with the survival of the species.

I've been through several bouts of S fighting the nap. 2 things that have worked: giving in (letting him not nap) -- eventually the cumulative sleep-deprivation gets to them and they WILL nap but I know you have to suffer in the meantime OR run him ragged all morning long (this takes more effort but has a better result).

P.S. I hate teething too. I'll have to tell you a funny story about that if I ever talk to you on the phone. . .

leslie coppin said...

I haven't been in the blogosphere for a long while so I haven't seen your kids in forever. Holy junk! They're so stinkin' cute!!!!
Miss you guys!