Sunday, December 05, 2010

Baby E time

Time for an E update!

E is still growing. At his recent 9 month appointment, he was close to 29 pounds and 29 inches, still 97th percentiles all around. At his last ENT appointment, he elicited oohs and ahhs and comparisons to everyone's older grandchildren, nephews, and sons. He wears 18 month clothes generally and 24 month sleepers and he's fast growing out of those. At least he's a cute HUGE!

E has also become more mobile, finally. But, like the independent boy he's proving to be, he disdains crawling in favor of sitting straight up and scooting on his tush, moving himself by pulling forward on the ground with his feet. Surprisingly, he's pretty fast now that he's been going for a few weeks. It's opened up a whole new world for him. Put him down (and he'd really prefer that you did, thanks), and he's off, chasing J around the house (even when J isn't interested in running), finding new places to get into (the laundry room is a favorite, as is the pantry) and new things to eat (he will put ANYTHING into his mouth, so we've upped our sweeping game around here to compensate).

Baby E is also very responsive, babbling back when you talk to him, matching your tone when you match his, and laughing when you laugh. Or, more precisely, laughing when J laughs. E thinks there is nothing funnier than his older brother and, thankfully, so far J thinks E is pretty great, too. J always runs in to help me get E up from his naps, shouting "E! We're so glad you woke up!" J's also good for E's self esteem, since he still refers to E as "so tiny" and "our new baby." And E loves, loves, LOVES his daddy. The husband's been away for a business meeting and tried to call us on Face Time, the iPhone's answer to Skype. It was great to see him for J and me but torture for E, who couldn't understand why daddy wasn't picking him up and started crying inconsolably after about a minute. It was a short call!

Having two kids, while filled with even more moments of insanity (bad dreams and night wakings at the same time, anyone?), is fun. They are now just able to play together, which means they can occupy themselves for chunks of time, which is blissful, in that I can take a shower or wash some dishes once in a while. Funny how now that seems like nirvana!

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Hope that lasts. My two are always looking for the other when one is absent/asleep, but often drive each other nuts when playing together. S has a very hard time with I touching his cars.