Saturday, December 25, 2010


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I was going to type "I know the goose got fat and all" but then I remembered two years ago, when I alluded to that same rhyme and many, many readers thought it was my subtle way of saying I was pregnant, which I was/am not, so instead, let's begin this way...

I know it's just past Christmas, but ever since I realized that all my Christmas shopping was behind me and most of the wrapping was done, I mentally moved on to other equally pressing matters, such as Toddler J's upcoming third birthday. His birthday happens in early January and will forever sneak up on me if I get caught up in the Christmas rush, so I decided earlier this week to start thinking about what we were going to do for his party.

First, I asked J what he wanted to have at his party. "Airplanes" was his definitive and oft repeated reply. It could be worse, I thought. And off I went to the web to do some research/get some ideas. OY and VEY, my friends, I implore you, NEVER do this! this way lies madness! After looking at a few parties like this one or (Lord have mercy!) this one, you start to feel like the most inadequate mother on the planet and you haven't even made plan one at this point! You know you're in trouble when you read the sentence "PS – yes, that airplane suspended in the air is a cake!"

After I recovered from the shock of all this and came to my senses, I found a few more sites with much more reasonable ideas and began to see the kind of party I could pull off, with a little help from PowerPoint, Oriental Trading Company, Dollar Tree, and the craft store. Details as the party moves from planning to execution. Suffice it to say for now, I am actually planning on having favors for the first time in my life. I know, crazy!

Next, guest list. I asked J who he wanted to come to his party. He immediately named our good friends' two daughters, S and J, ages 8 and 5 respectively. Umm, okay, and who else? Becca (their mom). Right, and who else? What about your friends from nursery? Oh, H can come (a little girl whom Becca also watches). And who else? H's Mommy and Daddy. Okay, and what about J (another girl from nursery)? Yes, J's Mommy and Daddy can come, too. So, apparently, my child thinks all our friends are actually his friends, which is either tragic or convenient. I'm going to go with convenient for now! I'm thinking maybe 4-6 kids and parents, some of whom will hopefully be his age!

On to food. Airplane food and cake, of course! I've already found snack-sized cookies and crackers and will soon locate little water bottles. We're going to have a cake that is blue like the sky with airplanes on it, because I'm not interested in learning how or paying someone else to make an airplane shaped cake!

More as it happens! Stay tuned!

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Ha ha, I always laugh when I see those child birthday extravaganzas documented on blogs. I mean, who are we really doing that kind of presentation for, folks? Lucky for me, none of the cheapo Mormon moms I know do those kind of parties. I think a few airplane items (cookies, cake, favors) will send toddler J over the moon. Also, never underestimate the wonder of large appliance boxes. Maybe you can make something plane-esque from those. Just don't get carried away. Wish we could come (since of course we would be invited if we lived closer)!