Friday, February 25, 2011

Helping you all go green

My friend Betsy over at Eco-Novice is hosting a giveaway. If you're interested in taking baby steps toward becoming greener in your everyday life, you really should visit her site, which is all about going green gradually. If the step you want to take is using reusable bags in lieu of disposable plastic (ziploc) bags, then you really should visit her site now and enter her giveaway for all sorts of handmade reusable bags from various Etsy vendors she has vetted herself. Then you can feel all sorts of virtuous both for visiting a green site AND for supporting handmade work! Everyone wins!

A word about Eco-Novice: I went to school with Betsy, and we both left with similarly developed penchants (or, one could argue, compulsions) for research, thorough, meticulous, exhaustive research. While I have channeled most of those urges into various frivolous pursuits (read just about any blog entry here to see what I mean), Betsy has channeled her skills into living a greener life and documenting her results, both successes and failures. She's also turned her relatively new blog into a bit of a cottage industry in the process, which makes her one of my heroes. Wanna know about making bread in a bread maker versus making it from scratch and why the latter is greener? Wanna know which kind of cloth diaper combination works the best for heavy night wetters? Wanna know some lazy and cheap ways to be green? Wanna make your own DIY cleaners? Betsy's your girl! (Though our college training would make us both quick to point out you really should refer to a mother of two as a woman, not a girl, thank you very much!)

So go! Visit and become a little greener. And if you win her giveaway and I don't, I promise I will only be a little bit miffed!


Deron Ashley and Gavin said...

Mmmm I definitely need to study her site and learn a thing (or ten). Thanks for accepting my invite to be blog buddies! I knew we could be more than acquaintances :)

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Thanks for this awesome PR. When are you going to write your next pop culture (read TV) post? P.S. Of course I am also super fascinated by your kids.