Friday, May 20, 2011

New new new

We got a new computer. It was actually a semi-spur of the moment decision in response to a longstanding problem. You see, my old dell was, well, old. In computer years, it was practically dead. In dog years, its continued existence was a miracle. The dinosaur had long since succumbed to one too many viruses and hard drive wipes and just old age. It was, as I told the husband when he idly asked me about getting a new computer, a glorified paperweight.

That was all he needed. In a few minutes, we had a spanking new machine on the way, and now it's here. And it's like the future has arrived in my living room. This computer, just your average workaday machine now, wants me to log on using facial recognition software. This screen is a touch screen. I can use my fingers to open and close windows if I want to (which I very much don't, right now). There are all sorts of nifty features in terms of file management and visual organization, some I can't really even describe.

But, as the husband will be the first one to tell you, while I am not a Luddite exactly, I do chafe a little at some technological advances. I like technology, don't get me wrong, I just don't like technology for tech's sake, and I don't like to use space in my brain learning new ways of doing everything with a machine all over again every few years. Sigh.

So, I will not be using my touch screen much, and I will be making my mouse a little less smart (it's smarter than me right now), but I will be enjoying our new media capabilities, and I will be logging in using my face. And we will have a working DVD player and sound system in our living room once again. Huzzah! So thanks to the husband for setting it all up and working out all the kinks and suffering this techno-fool gladly!

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