Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A reading request for the preschool set...

We are library people. The boys and I go at least once a week but often more frequently to one of three branches that are close by. We attend story time when our nap schedules allow. We have a special sturdy canvas bag to haul home our 20 or 30 books and DVDs. We participate in the summer reading program (which starts tomorrow!). We go to multiple programs throughout the year. We are HUGE devotees of the annual friends of the library sales. We love libraries.

But lately, our library visits have been a bit of a struggle. J gets distracted by the books, which is a good thing until he complains about the books I end up selecting for him while he wanders around looking at one or two books in great detail. Baby E is more and more mobile, as in climbing up on chairs and then climbing up on computer or study tables AND more and more vocal, as in loudly expressing his dismay at being confined in the stroller as an antidote to the climbing. So I rush between them, picking out books because of their covers (which is less of a sin with children's books, I've found) or because they have any of the words "dinosaur," "dragon," "train," or "apple pie" in the titles or, failing all that, randomly. I get flustered, they get annoyed, and our trips are less than enjoyable.

So, I've decided that what I need to do (besides tie Baby E to a chair) is come in with a plan, a list of 5-10 or so books I want to try to find in the alphabetized stacks, and then I will pick up 5-10 books near those, so we leave with some good choices and some random choices. Which leads me to the point of this post: any suggestions?? Here are the books we have enjoyed most so far, to give you a sense of our reading habits: Curious George, old and new; the Frances books by Hoban (if you're not familiar, go get these right now! Sooo good); Dr. Seuss, old and new, big and little, fictional and non; and our current faves, the Berenstain Bears.

And what about you, my tiny band of loyal readers? Any go to options? Any must sees? Any beloved authors we're missing? Any books I should put on my quick look list? Do tell, do tell!!


Lauren said...

We're big fans of Sandra Boynton, especially the "Little Pookie" books and her "Snoozers" bedtime collection. They're short and sweet, and enjoyable for grown-ups - always a plus!

Lilita said...

We do love the Boynton books, though J reads them less and less and Baby E is just starting to love them, but you're right, there are a few we haven't read that we should check out, for sure!

jesse said...

The Spot books

Lilita said...

Yes, the Spot books were popular choices with J and now Baby E is starting to like them, though he is a bit tough on lift the flap books right now.

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

I have very similar problems to you, although my 4-year-old is usually content to sit in front of a window (watching cars) or stay put with a book, I have to follow the toddler all over the place and try to check back on the 4-year-old at responsible intervals (i.e., every 30 seconds).

I went through the Read-Aloud Handbook and made a list of authors, and now when I'm chasing the toddler, I try to grab a few books by whatever author is nearby in that aisle.

Some favorites with both ages right now are by Mo Willems (of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus fame). Both kiddos love love love the Elephant and Piggie books. You might find them in the early reader section.

I love Rosemary Wells and Jane Yolen. S loves Owl Moon right now -- too long for the toddler of course. But it seems like almost everything is too long for the toddler these days. Also, if you can find a copy of Alphabeep -- a vehicle alphabet. That has also been a major major favorite with both. I found it in our "concept" book section.

joyful704 said...

Betsy is right. the read aloud handbook rocks. does the stroller help? for a while that was my saving grace in the library just the cheapy umbrella one to strap them down for a few minutes. glad i am not the only mom that leaves with 30 books, people always look at me crazy but we love it. i just never understand when moms are saying no you can't read another booK?!! Robyn taught me a good rule of thumb to always stick with a number that way when it is due date time you always know you have to find x number of books.
lets see authors..... with two boys you need to get david shannon, all about trouble makers (ollies fav)....david mcphail (adventure imagination (calvin's fav) we love rosemary wells too and the entire arthur series but they might still be to young for that...betsy is right on elephant and piggy books are great. finklehopper frog for the rhymes you like. maryann hobberman is great for rhymes- the seven silly eaters... love it. my boys liked Truck Duck and Dunk Skunk at that age too. Ollie always like the how to dinosaurs etc .....series by jane yolen. bill grossman my little sister ate one hare and the if you give a mouse series....okay i could go on for weeks about this. wish we lived close and could library hop together!!!

can your library let you pick out stuff online? that is my favorite i log on at night when it is quiet and pick some recommended titles and then when i go in they are waiting for on my hold shelf. i jsut grab books off the shelf, quick glance to make sure they aren't too long or have good pictures. no that i love all of them but it is fun to find new treasures. only once was it a problem when they seriously had illustration of how mom and dads make babies, calvin was like three at the time!

the boyton books are fun but the music is better, do you have the philadelphia chickens cd?