Monday, June 06, 2011

What precedes the miracle?

Why is it that I can rarely get my own kids to sleep at the same time and then only with incredibly intricate machinations and yet when I'm babysitting two more kids the same ages, it was a piece of cake to get all four asleep with in half an hour of each other?

I suppose it helps that the little girl who is visiting has been told repeatedly all day that her mother will not come quickly if she doesn't take a nap (thanks Becca!) and that she woke up her little brother from his morning nap after only half an hour. Yay for me, sad for the morning babysitter!

I suppose it also helps that J missed his nap altogether yesterday (curse Sunday!) and then crashed during bedtime stories...only to wake up frantic and delusional in the middle of the night, needing to go potty and then be soothed by Mommy lying next to and eventually in his toddler bed until 3am.

I suppose it also helps that some undetermined time before I left J, Baby E's Tylenol wore off (curse those interminably cutting teeth!) so that when I got out of J's room and away from his noisemaker, I heard blood curdling, inconsolable screaming coming from E's room, at which point I gave up, picked him up, and brought him into bed with me where he soon feel into a restless sleep that left both of us tired this morning.

I suppose all this helps, but it's such a price to pay! The relative economics of this situation are beyond me!

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