Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall 2011 TV

I did it: I let my subscription to Entertainment Weekly lapse. And I was perfectly fine...until the fall television season approached. Not that I didn't already know about the new shows that were coming and the fates of my old favorites, what I didn't know was WHEN. I could look it up online, of course, but that's so inconvenient! So I bought one issue from an actual (not virtual) bookstore, and here's my take on the fall, in case you care. (If you don't, I recommend waiting until my next post. Really.)

Must Sees:

The Sing-Off has FINALLY replaced drippy former Pussycat doll Nicole Whatshername with singer Sara Bareilles who actually has some acapella experience to go along with Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman, so the show I already liked has gotten even better.

I am still a huge fan of Castle, both the show and the character as played by Nathan Fillion. If you haven't been watching this show, go get the DVDs and catch up, not because it's a very complicated watch (it's not), but because you really should savor what's come before now.

Please, please watch Parenthood with me! I worry about this program's longevity, even though it's one of the more realistic (as well as entertaining) family dramas I've seen. It's got the guy from Sports Night and Lorelai Gilmore, for crying out loud! Why aren't you watching??

Survivor: South Pacific has both Coach (ugh but like a car wreck you can't stop watching) and Ozzie (best physical player ever). Who really cares who else is playing?

Fringe completely rocked my world at season's end, making Peter cease to exist, but they assure me that he'll be back, and his absence changes the dynamic between the other characters completely, so I am excited to see what happens next, mainly because I can't even imagine where the show can go now.

Once Upon a Time, there were two fairy tale shows going on (the other is called Grimm). This one seems like it will be the better of the two, with fairy tale characters "trapped" in the real world and the audience (and main character) trying to figure out how and why. Could be kitschy, but in a good way, and it doesn't premiere until October so there could be space for it on my watching calendar by then.

Speaking of late premieres, Bones doesn't appear until NOVEMBER. Are they kidding me with such an arduous wait? I am very tense about this show, since I love it so and don't want it to be ruined by the Bones is pregnant storyline. Me = tenterhooks.


Okay, I was already only watching Glee for the musical numbers, which I love, and for the absurdity of Sue Sylvester's antics. AND now, I am only watching to see the work of the winners of this summer's The Glee Project (which was, arguably, better than Glee itself), Sam and Damian. If that's enough for you, tune in. If not, I totally understand.

The husband calls Grey's Anatomy my soap opera, and he's probably right, but everybody needs a little soap! And really, last season was loose and much more fun and engaging all at once, so I'm interested in seeing what happens this season.

Person of Interest stars Ben Linus from Lost as a guy who (along with his peeps) can prevent crimes using high tech surveillance...and some serious paranoia. I don't know; it sounds like it could be good or a one trick pony. We'll see.

Listen, I love me some Maria Bello, and I liked the show of which Prime Suspect is a remake (a British drama starring Helen Mirren), but I'm not sure I'll be loving this show, but it's a possibility.

A Gifted Man has a wife alive in one dimension and dead in they have just a few episodes to prove to me that this plot device will ultimately not be incredibly frustrating.

Post Mad Men, there are also two new 60s shows this season. I'm betting on Pan Am, if for no other reason than I love Cristina Ricci and Tommy Schlamme (The West Wing) is directing the pilot.

House may or may not have jumped the shark. Cuddy has left the series, 13 returned, and House was pretty freaking annoying last season. They have a very short leash left.

Terra Nova is about dinosaurs and humans, living together. Steven Spielberg is involved. I'm torn! And a little scared.

I go back and forth about Zooey Deschanel. Is she winsome or just grating? I can't decide, but I give most of her work a try anyway, just in case THIS might be the one that decides it for me. So I will watch a little of New Girl.

I watched a few episodes of Body of Proof last season, but then I drifted away....I'm not sure why...I think it was a pacing issue, perhaps...? Maybe they or I will work out the kinks this season.

Can I see Emily VanCamp, the perennial good girl from the likes of Everwood, as a Revenge fury undercover in the Hamptons? Hmmm....

Must Flees:

The Playboy Club, the other 60s drama.

NCIS Los Angeles has never been as good as the original (actually, I am not worried about any of the gazillion CBS shows I never watch. Turns out, my mother only watches those--and PBS!)

Free Agents has Hank Azaria, whom I love, but not much else going for it.

Desperate Housewives HAS jumped the shark. I'm betting they are all desperate for it to end.

Supernatural cannot beat its time slot competition, Fringe. That is a prayer, actually. It cannot, it cannot, it cannot!

Grimm loses the fairy race, at least on paper.

Charlie's Angels looks glossy and dumb. Kinda like the original!

Family Guy, how I loathe thee, still. I'm not even linking to you, vile thing that you are.

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Wow, I'm so behind on your blog (and all blogs in my reader in general), and yet I was rewarded with a TV post when I finally did check in! That's a lot of maybes. Could you repost which ones I should watch a few weeks in? I am loving Castle, btw. I've watched all of season 1 now, and parts of season 3. Let 's see how it goes watching season 4 and season 2 simulatenously, shall we? At first I thought it was a lame version of Bones, but now I really feel it has much to offer on its own terms. I also find Castle to be quite likeable -- I'm glad I saw season 1 b/c he seems so darn SERIOUS in all the episodes of season 3 I've seen. Maybe b/c they always seem to be about to die. I also find the minor characters much less annoying than the Bones ones -- I've never liked the quirky scientists (squints? or whatever they're called) much. Or Angela. David still watches Greys. I don't, b/c I CAN'T STAND MEREDITH, or the others (but less so). I hope you like this comment. I will try to watch Parenthood just for you (I watched one episode earlier and wasn't sold).