Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J-isms return

J has his own vocabulary, partly the result of his pronunciation, partly the result of how his mind works through the language rules he's learning. "Kepsup," "marshyellows," "motocycle" or "muttercycle" and "hamaburger" are some of my favorite mispronunciations. Here are a few more of his recent gems:

"E jumped on top of me and started to hug me. He was so hugafull, Mommy."

"I think it's tighted enough now."

"E is really getting his talks now! He said ow!" (Sadly, E is not actually talking at all, still, but J insists I just can't understand him.)

"I not!" (his protestation for just about everything. I've started saying that this doesn't even make sense. I not what? Then it's fun to see him try to turn that into a sentence. "Umm...I'm...not...going to do that!")

"Last day I crept out of my room, I crept down the hallway, there was no one cleaning, I crept into the kitchen, there was no one baking, I passed Daddy who said 'Go back to bed,' but I saw your room, I crept into your room, Mommy, and I found some pizza, and, before you know it, I was eating the veggie pizza, and it tasted mighty good." (None of this actually happened.)

Me--"J, why do you always pick the orange pegs?" J--"Because they're cute. I always pick them because they're so charming." Of course!

"If you would be so kind and wonderful, I would give you these tickle plants."

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Aunt Jan said...

Everyone knows orange pegs are the best!