Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Part 1

We have had many festive occasions this Halloween, beginning with J's preschool Halloween party, of which I was in charge, along with two other mothers. We had juice boxes, snack mix, hot dog mummies, and chocolate cupcake owls, along with goody bags containing only two kinds of candy and lots of non-edible treats. Here is the best picture from that day:
As you can see, J is in a non-cooperative phase so getting a halfway decent photo of him doing anything is virtually impossible.

J wanted to be a ghost for most of October, and we even came to an agreement about how he could be a ghost without having a mask or sheet covering his face, and then, as Halloween approached, he decided he wanted to be a mummy instead. Behold:

Here he is doing his scary, mummy faces. I know, you're really scared! His costume consisted of off white fabric, a white undershirt, and white pants (shh--they were girl's pants from the thrift store), tea dyed to a suitably old hue. I ripped the fabric into strips and hot glued them (or, as J said, for some unknown reason, "Mommy glued them to my shirt using the scenery," his word for the glue gun) to the shirt and pants. The strips were supposed to go down his arms as well, but doing so and still being able to get the costume off and on (a must for our many parties) proved impossible, so we went with hanging strips off the shoulders instead.

A few nights before Halloween, while I was at a baby shower, the husband and the boys carved our pumpkins. And yes, that's Baby E that you see wearing no pants and sitting on our front porch. It was 80 degrees the day before, what can we say?

In part 2, we'll cover our church trunk or treat this weekend and yet another party before trick or treating tonight. Omygoodness, can you handle the suspense??


Daffycat said...

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Teena in Toronto said...

Too cute!

Happy blogoversary :)

Betsy (Eco-Novice) said...

Are you sure it's a phase?