Saturday, October 01, 2011

Some TV Maybe's

So, I've watched a little and amended my lists:

New Girl: The pilot was much too precious. The jokes were far too topical; this show will not fare well in reruns because the humor, even the sense of humor, is much too of the moment. None of the characters are very fleshed out, which isn't too surprising for a half hour show, but I wasn't left wanting to know very much more about three of the four, including the new girl herself. I also think I've decided Zoe is, in fact, annoying, particularly her character's penchant for creating instant theme songs for herself throughout the episode. The second episode was much, much better but still a little twee. The third episode had promise, but not enough. Verdict? Skip it.

Person of Interest: The first episode was violent, which I suppose is fine if that's your thing, but the main character's whispery voice was grating, and he's not all that sympathetic, though of course there is more to his back story than we got in one hour, but I really couldn't care less about finding out more about him. The man formerly known as Ben Linus plays a version of that same character, less ruthless but no less committed to some shadowy higher ideal. Verdict? Skip it.

Prime Suspect: I don't know; I kind of like it. Bello is fallible and idiosyncratic (I think she could lose the hat, though). All her fellow cops are people you've seen somewhere else before, all raspy boys' club boys reluctant to let her play in the sandbox. The next few episodes will tell whether Bello alone is enough to carry the show or whether the crimes show writing will be edgy and cool or trite and routine. But I have hope. Verdict? Watch it.

Revenge: I was sure this one was going to be ridiculous, but I find myself intrigued. The show has really high production values, as befits something set in the Hamptons, I guess. The lead is believable (and, surprisingly, relatable) as a woman on a mission to ruin those who ruined her late father. It's not a must see quite yet, but it's got potential. Verdict? Watch it later, on DVD or streaming.

Ringer: I was really wanting to like this one, but I could barely make it through the two episodes I watched. Sarah Michelle Gellar's twins aren't all that believable, nor is the filming (ohmygoodness, the fake sea scene was horrendous!). And what is with the names of these characters? Bridget is fine, but did you know that Siobhan was pronounced "Sha-von?" Yawn. Verdict? Skip it.

FYI, I've dropped Survivor from my play list. I think I'm over the repetitive challenges. And the contestants' self absorption is crippling to my psyche! BUT, the Sing-Off has not been disappointing. And there's a Mormon group again this season, this time made up of clean cut boys. If you're into acapella at all, you should be watching this one.


Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

I actually watched quite a few of these myself, instead of sleeping I'm sure. I liked the Pilot for Person of Interest, but, I mean, I can only stand so many crime shows. I watched Prime Suspect and just thought it was a little too gritty and the characters too obnoxious for me. I'd rather watch the pretty witty set on Bones/Castle. New Girl I couldn't stand. I'll probably skip Revenge. What about Pan Am? I thought it was surprisingly good, and I'm looking for a non-crime show. Maybe that will go to...Parenthood. It seems pretty good, but I'm not in love like you. Plus it bugs me that Lorelai is playing Lorelai again -- I mean, she is the EXACT same character. I guess at least her daughter is different.

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Wait, what about A Gifted Man? I'm having mixed feelings about that one.