Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aloha, Bishop!

This time I haven't been blogging for a very good reason: two weeks ago the husband was made Bishop of our local congregation. Umm, hooray...? No, really, it's a very good thing, but it has created a certain amount of chaos around here for the last little while.

For those in the know, this explanation will make sense. For everyone else, I apologize in advance for this paragraph. You see, the stake decided to dissolve one ward and split those members into two other wards, one of which was ours. At the same time, they decided to release all three current Bishoprics and call two new Bishops for the newly re-organized wards, on of whom was the husband.

We had already scheduled a ward party, a luau, and somehow I had already gotten wrangled into taking care of the food, but now I felt even more responsibility for the party to go well since it would be the first event involving our bigger, better ward AND I was now the Bishop's wife. I guilted and cajoled people into contributing food so we could have a plentiful feast...and we just about did, though our last pans of rice and pork coincided with our last guests. We had long since run out of fruit and salad and we never had enough sweet potatoes or chicken, but we did end up with enough desserts. It was a madhouse, trying to keep two buffet lines stocked while the ravenous hordes descended. The husband was busy trying to keep up with the two energetic boys and periodically failing, as I found out when one or the other of them wandered into the kitchen alone or escorted by some other concerned mother who realized they must have escaped from their father in the hullabaloo. Baby E actually found his way on stage at one point and did a passable job of "Pearly Shells" with several other children who had practiced in advance as part of the entertainment! (Here he is along with J during rehearsals--we should have been warned he would head back up for his debut!)
At the end of the night, I was exhausted and, for once in my life, I didn't stay until the bitter end and help with every last bit of clean-up (thanks, guys!).

Since then, things have been busy busy busy as we adjust to new responsibilities on top of new responsibilities on top of a new apartment on top of a new state on top of a new car (we had to get a second car so the husband would be able to be home for longer than 5 minutes on weeknights) on top of a new schedule for summer on top of the new experience of a short sale of our old's been a blast, let me tell you! So blogging is taking a backseat but I'm coming back with a vengeance...just as soon as I identify our new normal!

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analee hirschi said...

wow, awesome. You will officially never see your husband now.
hey, where are you? OHIO? we are living in Detroit.