Sunday, June 03, 2012

New(ish) J-isms and Baby E speaks!

This is what Baby E was saying back in October and November. He's speaking much more and much more clearly now, but I forgot to publish where he was then. He still only speaks in exclamation points!

Up! Uh-oh! Chissss. (cheese) Shoos. (shoes) Da da! Ma Ma! MA! (more) Apple. Down! Out! Hop! Ho, ho, ho! Hat! Eye! High! Moo!

And these are some of J's choice comments between October and March. As you can see, he takes after his mother's verbosity!

Alacadabra pocus!

Boa constructor.

Mommy, we can't help E because we are busy with this airplane. "Well, you can also be busy with a younger brother." A young brother? Oh, of course we can!

This is the best water Jesus ever made!

Wow, it's a whole yank of yarn!

What I brought for show n' tell is a book, not any ordinary book, a book about dragons!

Can we go back to our ho-n-tel?

Mommy, I'm feeling a little glum. "Oh, really? What does glum feel like?" Kind of sad and kind of bored. Sigh.

Voila! (pronounced wa-la) That's what you say when art is done.

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