Friday, June 08, 2012

What's in my bag?

I just ran into this blog post about the most important thing you have in your bag, and I was also thinking about various other blogs I've seen before on which people take a picture of what's in their bags and then list the contents for us all to see. I know, sounds boring, right? WRONG! Totally fascinating! For some reason, it's hugely satisfying to see what stuff other people carry. Don't believe me? Go here or here or here and try to look away! I've even seen things in people's bags that have become staples in my own life, items I never would have considered before that are now essential every day bag fare for me. Or I've come away feeling virtuous because of my own streamlined purse contents. Or I've felt sorry for people who seem to have way too many tech gadgets in their bags. Or envious of those folks who aren't carrying my obligatory diaper accoutrement. Regardless, it's fun!

BUT, I've never done it before myself, expose the contents of my own bag. And, as far as pictures go, I'm still not going to do it because, you know, I'm not a huge fan of photos on this blog. Also, as you may not know, all my pictures, particularly of static stuff, are horrible! So, without the pics, for the moment, here we go:

My planner: I use a cheap Plan Ahead week-at-a-glance calendar I buy every November at Walmart, but I keep each new calendar in a cover I got a few years ago at Target. It's brown with a design featuring various green circles, has pockets into which I can slide my newest calendar along with pockets for additional papers and business or credit cards, and it closes with a snap, which I like most of all. It was the best, most successful purchase I ever made as far as planning materials go.

My wallet: It's green (of course), and I got this most recent version at a Van Heusen outlet. It's very slim, just a few slots for cars and a zipper pouch for cash/coins. If my wallet is too big, it bothers me, so I've pared it down to the very basics. Plus, it's easier for travel.

My keys: My key ring, on the other hand, is full of loyalty and other plastic cards, for the library, various grocery stores, other stores, the zoo, etc. It's also got my key chain celebrating our 8th anniversary that matches the husband's, my car and house keys, and a big green carabiner to attach it to my purse when it's not in use.

My phone: as I've said before, my phone is old and not smart. It's an orange Samsung slide model, which I got because I wanted it to be as indestructible as possible and because it has a ring tone that sounds like an actual phone ringing! It has worked well on both counts. Not that it doesn't need replacing, but not yet.

Pens: I usually have at least three but often more. My pen of choice is a Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine in black. I LOVE these pens. I am lost without them. However, I almost always have an extra Bic or drug company pen (the perks of a pharmacy wife) so I can give it to other people in case it's needed and then not secretly despise them forever when they accidental walk off with one of my Pilots!

Diaper Kit: This is a clear plastic zipper pouch (from Crate and Barrel outlet , oddly enough) filled with two diapers, a pack of wipes, diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, a small bag of crayons, bandaids, kleenex, and, often, a spare binky. I really would be lost without all this.

Toys: Today we've got a Thomas engine and a small rubber tiger. It could be anything, really, depending on the day. I don't usually pack them for the boys, but I do end up carrying items for them when they move on to something more distracting.

Snacks: right now, it's dried fruit and a spare juice box. Depending on where we're going and how much I've already got stowed in the car, it could be much, much more.

Camera: not that I use it much, but I have it just in case.

Emergency Kit: no, not first aid, really. In this little bag I got in the mail from filled with samples from Target, I've got Pepto tablets, ibuprofen, percoset, Gas-X, lip gloss, lipstick, hair gel (for the boys's hair on Sundays), tweezers, and fingernail scissors.

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Ashley S. said...

You should post pictures because I am dying of curiosity as I try to picture each and every item you have listed/described ;) Especially that planner of yours? I tote four little notebooks around and it is NOT working.