Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How do you like that bread?

One of our summer activities has been visiting a local thrift store. This store happens to have fairly reasonable prices normally BUT on Mondays everything in the store is half off. For us, that means books are 49 and 29 cents (or less, depending on the cashier) and boys' clothes are $1.25 or less and women's clothes are $1.75 or less. Which is fabulous!

Those are our major kinds of purchases, with a few (cheap cheap cheap) toys thrown in to entertain the boys while we're shopping, but we also look at other things just in case. On our last visit, as we were checking out with our basket full of (so cheap!) goodies, I noticed a big box by the register. It looked to me like a bread maker, and since I have been on the hunt for an inexpensive bread maker since my friend EGE recommended that the first step in the lazy person's road to homemade bread was finding a bread maker on Craigslist for $10. Let me tell you I've been searching for one assiduously, but I've had no luck.

Until this week! Yes, indeed, I had spotted a bread maker. Better yet, when I opened the box, I realized the appliance had never been out of the packaging. The user manual was still taped into its plastic bag and the maker itself was still wrapped in its original cushioning. Better still, it was marked $19.99, which mean that today it was, wait for it, $9.99! For a brand new in box bread maker!

As soon as this ridiculous diet is over, I am going to become a bread making machine! Or at least I'm going to use one!


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