Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tried and true TV (aka my current faves)

I was talking to a friend last month and she asked me what shows I was watching and for a minute, for the first time in, I don't know, EVER, I was stumped. I could barely think of one show and most that I eventually came up with were off the air for the summer. I think the problem is asynchronicity: the fact that I don't watch any television in real time combined with the rolling premier schedules has made TV watching much more fluid for me. Which means, that now, for the first time EVER, I'm consciously deciding to stop watching programs and pick them up again when the season or series ends and they come out on DVD so I can watch them all at once. But there is still great TV out there, so, for your sake and mine, I'm going to tell you some of my current favorites, along with my taglines for them. WARNING: this list is in no particular order; who can keep track of which is a summer show or a fall show now, really? CAVEAT: I do not watch all these shows simultaneously, even when they are shown in the same season, lest you worry that I'm rotting my brains out! But I do get back to them all sooner or later. DISCLAIMER: not all programs are available on free media sites; some I watch via Amazon Prime, some are now on Hulu Plus, and I'm sure there are still more streaming on Netflix or iTunes, but I do most of my viewing on original Hulu. Finally, I'll let you know which of the new shows this season have piqued my curiosity in another post.

Rookie Blue: Cop shows filmed in Canada starring mostly Canadians are less NYPD Blue and more Barney Miller with a hotter cast.

Covert Affairs: She's a spy for the CIA, her tech guru is a cute, blind Iraq war vet, and almost anyone you can think of will show up as a guest star: it's a jamboree!

Suits: Can you tell the real lawyers from the fake one? Who cares, as long as they're snappy dressers!

The Glee Project: Still even better than the real thing!

Doctor Who: It keeps getting better and better, even with more and more cast members.

Grey's Anatomy: I can't quit you!

Project Runway: Now celebrating their tenth anniversary of inspiring everyone to think "I could make it work!"

Revenge: Best served in the Hamptons. Cute clothes and unexpected cast deaths don't hurt, either.

Top Chef/Top Chef Masters/Top Chef Just Desserts: Not for those on a diet!

Alphas: They're among us, and they're much more believable than those Heroes ever were!

Bones: Getting the main characters together hasn't killed the show yet. Stay tuned!

Breaking Pointe: Fascinating talents and their neuroses. (I'm not sure if this reality show about Ballet West will get a second season, but you should watch the first anyway. It's fabulous!)

Parenthood: As close to actual drama as anything else out there.

Downton Abbey: The genius of the stiff uppercrust.

And then there are the series I plan on watching on DVD when they wrap up, including Burn Notice, Royal Pains (not really in the league of the rest of these, but enjoyable nonetheless), Fringe, Mad Men, and Newsroom.

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