Friday, March 01, 2013

No school for you!

J must be registered for Kindergarten soon, even sooner than I had supposed since I just found out that the new school area into which we worked so hard to move is the smallest in the district and, when they're full, they're full, and all subsequent students will be bussed to another school...!!! So now, I am trying to gather the mountain of paperwork needed to get him into school, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

--birth certificate
--physician report form
--immunization record
--dentist report form
--tuberculosis risk assessment
--student health history
--parent identification
--school records (includes pre-K)
--authorization for record release for new students
--copy of signed lease (in our case)
--three additional proofs of residency
--owner/tenant affidavit (which must be notarized)
--residency and custody affidavit (which must also be notarized)
--student registration form
--proof of employment/income

Some of these are simply forms I need to fill out, others must be taken to various doctors, and still others have to be notarized. All of this is complicated by the fact that we are moving as of April 15th. So, can we register now with our current address, which is also in the right district, even though our lease here technically has no end date, something they frown upon? Or should we wait until some time after the 15th when we get our licenses changed over to our new address? And how long will that take, along with getting three additional proofs of residency in our new address? And will waiting jeopardize our spot in the school?

After all this angst and work to find a house in the best school area, only to find out something else could move us right out of that school? I am so frustrated and not a little piqued about the whole situation. Plus, this is more documentation to get my child into kindergarten than I have ever had to produce to do anything else in the rest of my life, including applying for a passport, going to school abroad, and getting married! Sheesh!

So, I am off to call the district tomorrow and ask my questions and hope I get good answers. Then I will try and collect and organize my mountain of paperwork and make my appointment to turn them all in and have them reviewed in person as soon as possible, hopefully before we leave for vacation and/or move. I've got nothing but time tomorrow, of course, in between filing our taxes, packing, going to music class, visiting teaching, and nursing yet another sick child (more on the Virus to End All Viruses next!).

Wish me luck! Better yet, send me a power bar, will ya?? And maybe a secretary!

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Anonymous said...

I can understand everything except "proof of employment/income". What is that for? This is a public school, right?