Saturday, June 02, 2007

You would cry too

Just saw USA network's new summer series, The Starter Wife starring a post-child and now normal sized Debra Messing.'s good...ish. There seem to be all these funny side characters in the promos, but then they either didn't materialize or weren't funny in the actual first episode. So we'll see.

I wonder about summer series, particularly those on networks like USA or TNT or the like. What's the point? Are these networks concerned about competing with the big boys during the regular season? Have they not noticed that "regular" is being redefined every year? Or do they think people are so bored during summer that original programming is a sure-fire hit? 'Cause I'm not sure that's exactly true. Just because it's summer doesn't mean I am suspending my good sense when it comes to TV watching. So there needs to be more funny, more good from USA and The Starter Wife or I'm out. As will be a lot of the viewing public, she says confidently.

On another note, I once thought it would be fabulous to have nothing to do but lounge around on my couch all day. However, now that I am forced to do so, I have made a startling, sit-com-like realization: it's not all that fun. And daytime TV is really, REALLY awful!!

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