Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If you don't know me by now

I am being thwarted by technology. I was all set to watch all the shows to which I am addicted over the internet, as I did happily all last season. Over the summer, however, all the major networks decided it was important for them to "upgrade" their online viewer platforms. Sounds like a good idea, right? Except that is has resulted in a total downgrade of quality, availability, and general viewing ease, particularly on NBC, FOX, and CBS. NBC's problem appears to be something having to do with bandwidth, while FOX decided not to post on Myspace any more and host their own viewer, which is full of kinks the other networks (supposedly) worked out last year. CBS is using a new platform, but it works just as well as their last, ie not at all. So here I am, able to watch all but the last 9 minutes of this week's Heroes and unable to watch Prison Break at all because the quality is unwatchable. At least ABC has had the good sense to leave well enough more or less alone. Way to go, Alphabet!

As for the rest of you, you're really cramping my style, folks, particularly when I can't even go all analog on you and use my VCR at home because we don't have cable at the new place yet. Grrr. Argh.


famlaw said...

You can try:
It's a new site; I haven't tried it.
Maybe it will help.

ege said...

What's up? Are you still not able to watch TV or what? When are we going to get some pop culture commentary around here? I mean, your move and pregnancy are important and all, but are they really "Frankly Frivolous"??? David and I are sorely disappointed in Heroes so far. Well, David more than me really. I am just hoping that the cheesy teenage romance will quickly fade in importance. The teenage angst stuff gets old REAL fast. Hopefully Kristen Bell's character will be awesome. We are enjoying Pushing Daisies and the Bionic Woman here, although the Bionic Woman herself sometimes seems a little posed to me, and often appears to be striking a pose or strutting in her oh-so-tight jeans. We also have been watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, though I could really do without either -- the hubby's more into those.