Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Move on down the road

Well, the move is complete. Or, to be more precise, all the boxes are in the new house and nothing is left in the old apartment. The move, however, is far from complete, as the many partially opened boxes and general disarray at the new house can attest. So far, however, everything that was missing has been accounted for, except for one basket full of paper plates, cutlery, and cups, which would have been handy until we unpacked all the real dinnerware but appears to have gone the way of all flesh, mysteriously. But, if that's all we lose in the move, we will count ourselves lucky. When my family moved to Hawaii, some of the casualties included my mother's wedding crystal, shattered when the movers didn't actually pack it in boxes and just left it in a hutch instead (!) and several boxes of my father's books, including many key reference works, the loss of which he still laments today. So I know it could be worse.

And now we are on to the fun task of reorganizing and discovering the quirks in the new place. For instance, how in the world does the AC work? I can't seem to get it to either stick with the temp I have supposedly programmed nor can I tell the purpose of the temperature differential function...? Or how do we cover up the windows on a metal door? And what are all these switches that don't seem to control anything? Fun little moments in our newly moved in lives abound!

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