Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We'll get there fast

Outflow valves, patched pipes, and sewage blocks, oh my!

All is well now at chez us. The plumbing appears to be back to normal, and we showered this morning with no incident, thank goodness. I mean really, it's a sick joke to take away a pregnant girl's toilets for a whole day! Talk about cruel and unusual!

However, while I was sitting there, holding just below panic, trying to decide how one goes about picking a reputable plumber (answer: luck of the draw. the plumbers I went with turned out to be completely lovely), it occurred to me that I have chosen to do two things at once about which I know virtually nothing: buy/own a house and have a baby. Never in my previous life have I so often found myself where I found myself yesterday morning: sitting there thinking "what would be the next step I need to take right now?" and having absolutely no answers at the ready. I'm a ready answer kind of gal, you know? So this is all quite disconcerting. To wit, we spent part of last night wandering around Lowe's (again) pondering the relative merits of edgers/trimmers vs. lawn mowers.

Sometimes I simply cannot believe this is my life!

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