Monday, October 08, 2007

With one eye on the mirror

House woes: today the toilets and the showers all backed up at once, just after we had used them....Picture pregnant me running around in a towel this morning (or, maybe don't picture that so much) with other towels in hand, sopping up water and carrying huge cups to dump water from one tub or toilet to another sink and hoping it all didn't carry me away. This after yesterday trying to wash dishes and discovering that one of two sinks didn't drain so well and then investigating, only to find that the pipe from that sink to the other's drain has a "negative slope" (looky at all my new vocabulary!) such that it is almost physically impossible for it to drain away more than the smallest streams of water. And then the cable person did not show up today after all, which was just as well given my state of wetness and ill-preparedness, but still, it's the principle. ugh. Homeownership is the pits. Why did we do this again? Oh, yes, equity. Now what was that? I'm still not sure I get it!

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