Monday, November 26, 2007

We gather together

Post Thanksgiving Break Wrap-up:

The dinner turned out to be lovely, with much too much food had by all. My sweet potatoes with toppings were greeted with much skepticism...and then nummed right down by young and old alike. In addition, in total we had the following:

2 turkeys (one rubbed with basil, one rubbed with butter and herbs)
2 kinds of stuffing (savory with sausage and spinach, sweet with pineapple and dried cranberries)
mashed potatoes
mashed sweet potatoes
candied yams
broccoli salad
2 jello salads (mine, see below, and one made with melted cinnamon candies!!)
green bean casserole
homemade rolls
lots of appetizers, including my trio of dips, crab dip, orange/apple wassail, and cheese and crackers
pumpkin pie
pumpkin cheesecake
triple chocolate cheesecake
pecan pie
razzleberry pie

Soo much goodness, soo little room in the stomach! Though the baby did quiet down after I ate turkey but only for a little while. Ultimately the day ended with my feet much too swollen and my belly aching after he woke back up and started going crazy, so physiologically, not my finest hour. Culinarily, good stuff! And I hardly had to make any of it!

As for the rest of the break, I avoided grading literary research essays as long as possible and then did a bunch in a flurry, leaving me almost ready for the next grading onslaught, to begin on Tuesday with the submissions of creative nonfiction pieces by my first years. The husband worked Thanksgiving day and then only half of Friday and not at all on the weekend (the calm before this week's working storm, sadly), which was lovely and unexpected. And we put together the rest of my closet accouterments on Saturday, turning my heretofore unworkable space into an organizational dream, with (almost) enough room for all my many many clothes. Oh, and we watched a lot of football, which I felt was fine since we haven't watched any thus far. But after multiple games on Sat and Sun, even the husband was footballed out (huzzah) so we don't have much more too anticipate in the future!

All in all, restful and necessary!

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