Monday, November 26, 2007

The cradle will rock

The real title for this post should probably be "fecundity" but wouldn't you know there aren't a whole lot of contemporary lyrics out there on overwhelming fertility, so the next best thing in titles will have to do.

Now that the cat is out of the bag everywhere, let me make it official (ala Frankly Frivolous): not one but TWO of my sisters-in-law are also having children in 2008. For those of you keeping score, that makes four of us due in the same year, two sisters and two brother's wives. So far, we know at least two are having boys, two have had/are having insane morning sickness and two others insane heartburn, three live outside of Utah but two will deliver in Utah, and two have had/are having issues with insurance coverage that make the whole prospect of pregnancy that much more exciting.

Now, one might not be so surprised by this development if one remembers that my parents did have three children get married within 18 months a while back...nah, still surprising. Four of my parents then five grandchildren will be exactly the same age (once they hit two years old or so and people stop counting by months).

This development has ramped up my mother's grandchildren prepping frenzy. She is making quilts and crocheting blanket trim and buying maternity clothes and outfitting nurseries and generally giving herself a second job. Don't get me wrong; we all definitely appreciate her efforts, especially me, since when was the last time I crocheted anything? oh, right, never!

In the meantime, I just signed up for our labor and delivery class (a little late, since the recommend doing this during the seventh month, but oh well) which will take place on the next three Tuesdays. I simply can't imagine the wonders in store for us there but will keep you all posted, because of course inquiring minds want to know. In addition, this baby keeps liking to end up in the breech position which, besides being darned uncomfortable, is actually NOT where we want him to be tending at this point, so my acupuncturist is planning on beginning to use points to encourage him to get head down where he belongs. The things acupuncture can do continue to amaze me. I mean, seriously!

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