Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm in pieces, bits and pieces

Random blogbits composed while avoiding grading finals:

It was 80+ degrees in Charleston today, which everyone knows is totally unnatural. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone: as I was leaving the grocery store in shorts and a t-shirt, the African American gentleman in short sleeves next to me said loudly, shaking his head, "Global warming! It's about time they start listening to brother Al Gore!" Which comment made my day in so many ways!

I found another set of blog awards, this one dedicated exclusively to food blogs, of which there are many many many. But so far in my surfing around, I have to recommend The Great Big Vegetable Challenge in which a family is exploring at least one new vegetable for each letter of the alphabet and deciding on at least 2 recipes to put in their dining repertoire using said vegetable. Brilliant!

We attended out second childbirth class this week, at which we were told by our hyper-informative and uninhibited instructor (she is forever jumping on tables and simulating various parts of labor with her body--it's really kind of amazing how flexible she is!) that only three things cause placental abruption: "abdominal trauma, high blood pressure...and crack." This is my kind of class!

We watched Mitt Romney's "faith" speech this weekend, and my overriding thought was "wow, he is really going to make some Mormons mad!" which I am pretty sure was not the intention. Beyond that, I have no other comments. He's not my party, people!

We are singing for our congregation's annual Christmas party, this time a themed event (yuck) called Christmas in Nauvoo (Illinois, one of the many homes of the westward migrating Latter-day Saints). Supposedly we are recreating the town in the church gym, complete with "the red brick store," "the tin shop," and "the shoe and tack shop"...yes, I am just as confused as you are. We are singing as part of the "historically accurate" program, and I have been told repeatedly to come in costume. Because I just happen to have an 1830's Americana MATERNITY outfit lying around! I mean really, people, this stretches even my make-do spirit!

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