Thursday, December 06, 2007

I will follow where you lead

My tv viewing continues, albeit in various forms (HD antenna, online, etc.), and I have to comment on what I am calling this season's Gilmore Girls Web of Influence. You see, after the cancellation of our beloved and quirky show, it appears that many have recognized the talents that were hiding in Stars Hollow. And our favorite friends seem to be everywhere these days.

Of course, there has always been Jared Padaleki (Dean) who has been on the WB/CW in Supernatural forever and Chad Michael Murray (Tristin) who has been on One Tree Hill since it began, but in the latter case, it seems like Chad was only on GG expressly so he could spin-off into something else. And then, of course, there is Milo Ventimiglia (Jess), who turned his brief and exasperating stint on GG into a couple of failed series until he hit the jackpot with Heroes. But let's discount all these bright young men and instead talk about the other actors who are now hitting the big-time this season.

Remember Scott Patterson (Luke)? He now plays a laid-off dad at wit's end on Aliens in America on the CW (which, by the way, is quite a good show). And what about one of my faves, Melissa McCarthy (Sookie)? She is now on the "it" comedy, Samantha Who?, playing, what else, a best friend to the skinny, neurotic main character. Sean Gunn (Kirk) has recently surfaced on the oddly plotted and oddly marketed October Road, and David Sutcliffe (Christopher) appears to be getting a regular though certainly limited gig on ABC's Private Practice. Even the fabulous Keiko Agena (Lane) was spotted playing a nun on a guest spot on, you guessed it, Private Practice (where their goal is to recycle as many actors from other shows as they can, apparently).

So there is a lot of GG love in the world, which almost makes up for the fact that it was cancelled and its quality suffered in the last season...nah, nothing makes up for that, dang it!

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