Monday, January 07, 2008

No one remembers your name

People are strange. Yesterday at church, everyone kept asking me why I was there. What do you mean, why am I here? Because we go to church on Sundays and have all our lives because, well, we believe, no? But apparently, I was expected to stay home because I am so pregnant. Who knew? I actually decided not to stay home for precisely that reason, because then everyone would be thinking we were at the hospital when in fact I was just lazy and how does one explain that? But clearly, no explanation was needed...except for why I was there in the first place. Weird.

People are also intent on telling me how big I am at every opportunity. Really?? Really??? I had NO IDEA! Thanks SO much for pointing it out to me and particularly for using words like "pop," "burst," and "huge." The imagery is so comforting! I think I'll go have another cookie, thank you.

And I am strange. In my dreams, I am sometimes pregnant but often not, which means I have these disconcerting moments when I wake up and realize that all the plans my dreamself has just made are not going to happen. Today was one of those days. In my dreams, I was uber-organized and productive and awoke with a hefty to-do list all worked out...only to almost fall out of bed when I rolled over too quickly and didn't account for the baby weight right away.

But there has been one bright spot this weekend, not baby-related (gasp!): Since we moved in but most importantly since I stopped working every day, I have heard this buzzing noise coming from a wall that separates our great room from our master bath. It's an electrical humming that bugs the living daylights out of me, though the husband never notices it. I finally got one of our more handy friends to come over and take a listen, and he determined that there is something wrong with the outlets/light fixtures in the bathroom and, more importantly, silenced the noise by turning off that breaker. Hurrah! So we have no electricity in that bathroom, but who really needs light there anyway? He is getting an electrician to come by soon, so we shall solve the mystery in the near future, and then we are having a drywall person come by to fix the wall that the electrician will inevitably need to cut into it. (The drywall person will also have to fix a small hole in our ceiling caused during the investigation into the noise last night when the husband accidentally put his foot through the drywall while they were up in the attic looking for the source of the noise. He was very apologetic, but I was pretty sure something like that was going to happen when they went up there anyway, and what can you say when there's already a 1x2 piece of drywall falling to the floor, giving you a lovely view into the rafters?)

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