Sunday, January 27, 2008

To follow suit, with a bit of a delay, 10 things I've done that you probably haven't:

1. Been stopped by angry guerillas (is there any other kind?) in the hinterlands of Guatemala, to be let go only after one of our party yelled "Somos representantes de Jesu Cristo!" (We are representatives of Jesus Christ.)

2. Been a representative of Jesus Christ in Guatemala.

3. Inadvertantly ate half an orange filled with maggots.

4. Sang under the direction of the former conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jerold Ottley.

5. Got propositioned on a road outside of Rome after being mistaken for a prostitute. (Clearly, the jean cut-offs and the hiking boots were confusing.)

6. Was abandoned on a mountain in Hawaii by too-young youth camp leaders and had to find my way down without a trail and only my equally clueless about mountaineering friend to help.

7. Put out the flames by shoving her into a shower stall after a young Italian girl's hair caught on fire in Venice (her hair touched the (clearly very safe) light bulb above the sink in a youth hostel). Was subsequently yelled at in Italian by her chaperone, who appeared to be more angry than anything else.

8. Lost a personal pan pizza eating contest to another 14 year-old girl who ate eight (8!) in one sitting. Hated that girl for a long time afterwards.

9. Watched my mother go through every single article of clothing she had with her on a road trip across Texas when one particularly virulent strain of stomach flu hit my brothers and sisters. By the time we reached our destination, she was in her night gown. Vowed never to have that many kids.

10. Was almost mugged in Cambridge, only to be saved by quick thinking on my part (I pressed "I do not want another transaction" when told to get more money out of the ATM) and the unexpected arrival in the otherwise deserted street of a loud band of fellow students who scared the would-be mugger away.

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