Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Okay, here it is, my maiden voyage into posting pics of Jacob. Let's see if this works.... This first picture is one of relatively few we have in which Jacob is alert, his primary pursuits at this point being eating, sleeping, and pooping, as the husband says.
Next we have a shot of me at the hospital after I came back to visit and feed Jacob there when he was getting his suntan, I mean photo-therapy. Then we have a shot of Jacob with Grandeur (my father has decided that they are to be called Grandeur and Grandest. The joys of being the daughter of an English prof never end!). And finally, a more recent shot of Jacob in one of his favorite positions, napping on one of our chests.

Did it work??

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ege said...

yes, it worked. congratulations, although the photos appear in the reverse order of your descriptions. still, well done! you and the baby (and your mom) look great.