Sunday, February 24, 2008

Clap your hands

Was it too good to be true, or was I just too quick to jump to conclusions? A combination of both, I think, with a sprinkling of desperation for good measure:

The Graco Bounce and Swing failed last night. Indeed, we experienced a wholesale return to the couch for Jacob and me, a major step backward. He was not impressed with the swinging at 2 am and then not with the bouncy chair of old at 3 am and then not with breast milk at 4 am. In short, he was awake a long time last night, finally slept a bit between 5 and 7 am, and is now awake once again, having once again eschewed the swing.

I have decided to take this turn of events as a minor setback, an example of the "too new" phenomenon with which my family is very familiar (in short and from my memory, which is hindered by the fact that I wasn't there: when my youngest brother went with my family for a semester in Finland, he complained that everything was "too new." He couldn't sleep in his bed, he couldn't be in his room, he couldn't do many things because they were all "too new." During one particularly fraught night when my sister was babysitting, he was driving her crazy with the too new-ness of it all. He finally asked her to come down to his room--or something, here is where it gets hazy--and she replied that she simply couldn't was too new for her. And he pitifully couldn't disagree with her logic. Brilliant!).

Anywho, updates will ensue, I am sure.

Oh, and is anyone besides me aghast that I start teaching two nights a week in a few short days? Because you should be!!

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