Monday, February 25, 2008

Took some time to celebrate

I watched the Oscars last night...sort of. Jacob went asleep on my chest on the couch, so I thought, "hey, I'll watch the Oscars while he sleeps." Such a good idea, no? No. Instead, I fell asleep, awaking at odd intervals, to see the French best actress winner thank life and love (?), to see lots of red dresses and pregnant women, to see the Rock (?) was surreal. When he woke up briefly at 10:45, I went to bed for real, since who was I kidding?

But, does that stop me from having opinions about the proceedings? Oh, no, not at all!

One, I do have to agree with Jon Stewart: Hollywood needs more than a hug. These movies were all much too serious, for crying out loud. Poor Juno couldn't lift everyone's spirits all alone, for crying out loud!

Two, love the red! But what was up with all the odd shoulder straps and drapes and cutouts? Bizarre.

Three, is everyone in Hollywood pregnant lately or what? Or is a pregnancy pooch the new little black dress? 'Cause man, am I stylin'!

Four, Jon Stewart rocks. Let's keep him around a while, shall we?

Five, Oscar has become much more international of late, particularly if one considers the major winners: Daniel Day Lewis (England), Marion Cotillard (France), Tilda Swinton (, I mean England), Javier Bardem (Spain). Is this the American answer to the fact that we still can't produce very diverse offerings? No, look, we're all international and multi-culti! Pay no attention to the absolute lack of American or other minorities on the screen! Please, move along, there's nothing to see here!

And that's about all, particularly since I have seen only one of the movies even nominated for anything (Charlie Wilson's War, as astute readers will recall). Time to go update my Netflix queue!

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