Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Linsey, over at Rambles and Ruminations at right. Sadly for my sis, she has a checkered past with my family remembering her birth, but this year they managed to remember, so hooray! It helps, of course, that she is living with my parents right now, but we'll just skip over that fact and celebrate the fact that she got to celebrate on the day of, for once in recent memory.

Birthdays in my family have changed forever now that we have not one, not two, but three birthdays in January, courtesy of all the current grandchildren, Jacob included. In the past, the majority of our celebrations occurred in August and September but no longer. Now we have to go straight from Christmas and New Year's into a new slew of celebrations. Fun fun fun!

It's 1:45 am and Jacob is so very very awake. This is partially my fault, partially his. He didn't sleep much this afternoon, ate at 6 pm and then we topped off via breast feeding at 8:30 pm. I fell asleep with him on the couch until around 10-ish, thinking he would awaken soon, and then made it to my bed, thinking he would be ready to eat at any time. I fell deeply asleep and woke to him frantically hungry about an hour ago. In short, he went too long without eating a real meal and I was too asleep to recognize this fact in a timely manner. So when we did feed him, he was VERY awake, and now he can't get back to sleep. So, we are out using the bouncy chair in order to save the husband from Jacob's pitiful sounds as he tries valiantly to stay awake, just because he can. He is full and changed so now all we can do is wait. So here I am, once again. La la la, who needs sleep??

Back to birthdays: this year we are planning on going to Basil, Switzerland for an international pharmacy conference, so we are not getting each other big presents in order to be able to afford for me to go. In fact, this next little while appears to hold a lot of traveling for us: Utah in April (for Jacob's baby blessing), Switzerland in August, London (to visit my parents during their study abroad stint) in spring, and Japan sometime after that (to visit my brother and sister-in-law and get the husband to Asia, somewhere he's never been). Trip to Utah is the easiest, by far, and will be good practice for the international travel with a child. Linsey's son Caleb went with them to Argentina when he was three months old and, frankly, I don't know how they did it. Just packing enough for a short trip to a place stocked by grandparents with baby supplies seems a tad daunting right now. But we want to travel so we need to get used to all this. But yet another aspect of parenting I hadn't really considered in advance. Surprise, surprise!

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