Thursday, February 28, 2008

How long do you want to be loved?

It's been a trying few days. Jacob has been sick with stomach ailments that have made him cranky and unable to sleep. Yesterday he took three half hour naps between morning and 9 pm. That's it. One and a half hours of sleep, total. For a tiny, little almost 7 week old baby. Not enough!!!

He did finally sleep at night...and he's so cute when he's asleep! But gosh darn it, he needs more sleep. And so do I. And, of course, I'm wanting to take him in to the doctor, even though it's probably useless, just because he seems so miserable and can't eat much in the afternoons when his tummy seems to be hurting the most. It's disconcerting when he screams after taking two swallows of whatever he's eating. That can't be fun for him and it's certainly not fun for us. And it's odd, because he can eat just fine during the morning and at night. So who knows what's up. La la la, this part of parenting an infant is so much fun, ya'll.

In other there any other news? After several nights and days of minimal sleep, things start to get blurry. I have to stay awake because he is, so I've been watching all kinds of bad TV and walking all around the house in a haze, hoping my arms don't give out from jiggling him into some sort of contentment. I've used the Snugli carrier, the bouncy seat, the swing, my lap, my bed, the car seat, the car (with gas over $3 a gallon, but who cares?), anything. In short, it's been not so fun.

But hey, things could be worse: I could be a contestant on the Real World/Road Rules challenge and be buried alive under 2 feet of sand while my dumb teammates have to answer true false questions in order to get me out of the sand. Omigosh, are they kidding me??? It's the end of the world as we know it....

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