Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big girls don't cry

Jacob can smile on demand!

Right on schedule, Jacob broke into a smile over the weekend and then more and more smiles over the past few days. Often he needs a little touch to the side of his mouth to remind him which muscles to move, but this morning he was smiling up a storm without any prompting in response to my moving him around to get him situated for his bottle.

And he's adorable!! We are endeavoring to get pictures, but his smiles are still brief and catch us unawares, so it may be a little while. But yes, it's worth the wait to start to see a personality and a person emerge who responds to you in more ways than crying and a frantic, wide-mouthed spasm in the direction of your chest (or the husband's biceps) whenever he's hungry. And it really is amazing what you will forgive for a smile. Last night's eternal (read, four hour) fussiness before bedtime? Who cares! You smiled at me!

Right now he's contentedly working his way to a nap in the swing, which works well during the day for him. And after the four hour fussiness, he did sleep for four hours, so I can only complain a little. And as I typed that last part, I realized I need to take advantage of his napping and take a shower and eat breakfast in the brief window of time I have, so no more for now. Jacob's respites are short and mine are shorter, so we have to capitalize on them.

Besides, he smiled at me!

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