Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You will never never know me

It was a hard night last night, largely because I was so tired I didn't really want to nurse and opted for bottles instead. Turns out Jacob drinks even less out of a bottle than normal without priming the pump with breast milk and consequently was up every two hours on the dot. Yawn! And right now he's awake because he wet through his clothes and had to be changed, which woke him right up at 5:30 am, which is of course exactly what I wanted. So, he's in the bounce and swing talking to himself and listening to the sugarplum fairies. By the way, what is the fixation with babies and classical music? The research shows there is just the tiniest of temporary jumps in cognitive speed after listening to classical music, but the jump is hardly measurable and lasts less than 15 minutes (so much for baby mozart). And yet, every single musical product is filled with classical options, pretty much exclusively. I think it's because the music calms parents, not babies. Why would they care? Mine was certainly not listening to classical music (or much music of any kind) in the womb, so it's not familiar to him in that way either. And yet, here it is, ubiquitous.

So, time for a Frankly Frivolous throwback: I don't watch CBS's Big Brother except occasionally online when there is nothing else on. But I caught episode 7 of the current season recently, and I have to recommend it to anyone who is even slightly interested in reality TV (there must be at least one of you out there, no?). The timing and actuality of it all have to be watched to be believed, but suffice it to say, the following elements are involved: anaphylactic shock, diabetic convulsions, fruit juice in a bowl, hysterical men, a swollen face, EMT's by the dozen, and lots of scared and useless twenty-somethings. Best of all, the medical emergencies upon which this episode hinged were exacerbated by the ridiculousness of Big Brother itself, in that one of usual its "punishments" for losing contestants includes being forced to eat "slop" exclusively for a week, which, as far as I can tell is some sort of oatmeal/TVP concoction, and, the week before this incident, another creative punishment involved taking all the cups and glasses away from the house "guests." Seriously, you've got to see it all to believe the insanity that ensued.

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