Monday, March 03, 2008

Keep on pushing my love

Dinner was a success. The husband turned a Sam's Club (and therefore cheap and huge) pork loin into multiple pork chops (and fajita meat and a roast for I said, it was a big loin...which sounds vaguely pornographic when I read back over that sentence...move along, nothing to see here!) and cooked them with a cinnamon chipotle rub that was tasty and made a great gravy. As sides we has smashed potatoes (his boss and wife were quaintly enthralled with the concept of not peeling the potatoes beforehand, particularly his boss since I guess his job is peeling), steamed sugar snap peas (ah, the lovely steamer basket), garden salad with raspberry vinaigrette (bottled of course, are you kidding me?), rolls (rhodes), and rocky road brownies and ice cream for dessert. Jacob performed well for quite a while, sleeping in his swing long enough for me to eat and then sitting easily in each of their laps, until he got fussy and really just wanted to nurse but wasn't allowed to quite yet.

After they did leave, he nursed and fell asleep right away after his exhausting weekend of very little sleep. Church plays havoc with baby schedules. As the husband said yesterday during one of the many times one or both of us left a meeting to deal with Jacob's needs, having a baby at church is special kind of testing your faith, because you really wonder "is it absolutely essential for me to be here right now?" It's also a whole new world of standing room only in the mother's lounge, where all the new moms wait patiently for their turn to nurse in the designated area, and hanging out in the foyer with multiple dads/moms rocking baby carriers and/or babies all throughout sacrament meeting. Such the underworld we never knew existed!

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