Saturday, April 05, 2008

Or over the stormy sea

It's been one of those weekends: we were home all day watching conference (our church's semi-annual general meeting) on the internet, and the husband had to work at 1pm. So the baby and I enjoyed conference...ish. He slept through the first two hour session, which was great. And then he didn't sleep. Or eat. Only cried. And then cried some more. And then got frantic. The second two hour session was a blur and afterwards he went ballistic. Partially, I think it's the heat. I wouldn't want to eat warm bottles in heat like this either, and he's never experienced heat before. I also think he really needs the husband's touch to calm him down at night. By that time, I am usually pretty frazzled and running on empty and do not make for a very soothing environment, but the husband can calmly get Jacob to sleep pretty much every time. The baby finally settled down, but it was a hard fought battle to get him there.

And Sunday (time has passed, no matter what Blogger says) we repeated the cycle, only this time we watched the first session at the church and then had a potluck lunch afterwards with those members of the congregation who were at the chapel. In times past, we have always watched all four sessions at the church together unless very extenuating circumstances intervened. We concentrate better when we are watching with other people in a more formal setting than our living room. However, Jacob has changed all that. Just the thought of spending 6+ hours at church with him today filled me with a dread I couldn't articulate, so we cut our time there short. Yet another of the many unanticipated changes a baby brings.

Fortunately, he slept halfway through the first session and most of the way through lunch, which was convenient given that I had to run around as part of my new responsibilities procuring cups, napkins, plates, cutlery, etc. and making sure every dish had a serving utensil. The details that let us all eat, you know.

I know, how mundane was this post?? Sorry, sometimes this is what we get here at chez frivolity!

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