Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We'll sing you a song for your birthday (updated)

Happy birthday to me!

I have to say, this is one of the most anticlimactic birthdays I have ever experienced. Partially this is because we are celebrating in UT in a few days, partially this is because the husband and I are giving each other our trip to Switzerland in the summer as presents, but mainly this is because birthdays seem to pale in comparison to, you know, giving birth.

And today is beginning like any other day: I am sitting at the computer having just giving Jacob more gas medicine and put him in the miracle blanket and the swing at 5:30 am and am about to crash on the couch until he wakes up at a more civilized hour. I will visit the house of a friend of mine today for a few hours to escape my house for a while, I will pick up the husband at 3:30 pm to make the switch, I will go teach for a few hours on some research-related topic, and then I will come home and start the nighttime winding down routine until the baby crashes and I join him. Festive, no? But honestly, I think that's fine and dandy. These are all equally noteworthy and yet routine days lately, a strange but fulfilling combination.

So, it is a happy birthday for me!

Birthday update: apparently, this is the year of technology. I've received so far...

--a birthday wish in bed from the husband (the only non-techy offering so far)
--a happy birthday song from the parents via Skype
--a Skype call from my sister in Peru
--a phone call from Ana (my RS president)
--a semi phone call from my other sister (she promised a longer message today when she called last night to tell me to listen to a podcast featuring Isabel Allende)
--a blog comment remembering a birthday past from my friend Caroline
--a digital phone message and phone call from my sister in Utah
--an entire blog entry from my sister in Peru (she's good about celebrations, you see)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lil! I remember a birthday past which involved a What Not To Wear simulation. Haha. Switzerland might be better. :) - Caroline

joyful704 said...

Happy birthday, I wish I could knock on your door and take you out to lunch and let our babies play! But here is another virtual greeting! I loved your sister's blog, you really do perm your curls??!!

Paige said...

Here's some more techno wishes- happy birthday. Your baby is cute. Now show me some purses!

Lilita said...

Joyful, I used to get periodic body waves to keep the curls in line but haven't since before I met you, after a disastrous body wave that burnt my hair. not pretty!

Hi Paige. Welcome to more family insanity via the blogosphere. Anyone who recognizes Pomona is a friend of mine!

Our Side of Paradise said...

Happy Birthday, Lil. wish you the best.