Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hard habit to break

Travel update: we arrived at the airport to find our Charleston to Dallas flight had been delayed one hour, but it didn't matter anyway because all (ALL!) flights from Dallas to Salt Lake had been cancelled.


So, we have been rebooked on Delta (hurrah! their planes are fine!) for a flight leaving today at 3:40pm and getting into Salt Lake (with a three hour layover in Atlanta) at 10pm tonight. We were lucky to get this flight at all, since apparently all of Delta's flights were oversold except this one (small favors!), though we are both sitting in middle seats apart from each other. I am planning on being very very VERY pathetic and asking to trade seats to at least get an aisle if not to get us together. Yep, I am playing the crying baby card, which will actually be easy to play by then, afternoons being a hard time for Jacob.

All in all, a good solution, avoiding AA and Dallas all together. But there is something slightly demoralizing about going to the airport in the morning...and then driving home.

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