Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Crying hard as babe could cry

So tomorrow is the big day, our first flight(s) with the baby to meet all of his grandparents (one for the first time) and to be blessed.

Or so we hope. Because we are (were?) flying American Airlines. And apparently, that's not such a good idea right now, nor has it been for awhile, given the amount of flight cancellations going on because of substandard wiring. 1000 flights gone today alone. At present, our flight from Charleston to Dallas is fine, but the leg from Dallas to Salt Lake has been cancelled. (Damn those MD 80's and their wires!)

The AA website helpfully tells me I can rebook for no charge for any time between now and April 17th. Great, but that's not an option, folks. So now I am on hold with the AA reservations number, which is, surprise, surprise, extremely busy at the moment. My hold time has been estimated to be 10 minutes, and a voice is coming on periodically redirecting me to the website. Hmmm, vicious circle much? The hold music is particularly grating, some kind of jazzy muzak with synthesized rhythm "instruments" in the not-so-far-background. But what am I to do?

At the very least, in the best case scenario, this means we will be extending our total travel time tomorrow, so I need to revisit my packing plan...wait, here they come...

...and now we are rebooked on a later flight out of Charleston with another flight out of Dallas and a later arrival into Salt Lake City. And an assurance that this Dallas flight won't be cancelled. Why do I now feel secure?? My next plan of attack is to assume we might have to stay overnight in Dallas, pack for this eventuality, and figure out who we know there since I have heard that all the hotels in the area are already booked with displaced passengers. This may turn out to be much more of an adventure than we had planned!

So, no news on the blog is (sort of) good news: it means we have actually left, but where and when we end up will be anyone's guess!!


Jess and Heather said...

If Jess and I still lived in Dallas you totally could have stayed with us! :( I really hope you guys can figure something out!I'm so sorry about your flights!

Lilita said...

Thanks, we totally would have! But we've got some cousins of cousins out there, if worse comes to worse. We shall see. If we don't show up to our own baby's blessing, you should send the search party to Texas!