Friday, May 09, 2008

Don't take your love away from me

We're having some technical difficulties posting our latest batch of pictures, so here's some to tide Jacob's fan over until the next big installment:

My two boys, looking more and more identical with each passing day. This was taken when they had both just woken up.

A friend of mine gave me the good advice to have Dad be the one to put baby to bed. It gives them some quality time together and gives me a break. And look how cute they are at night!

Here Jacob has just rolled over and been stuck on his tummy for a while. Notice the exhausted look on his face. He really needs to learn what to do next or at least how to rest on his cheek.

Crooked smile Jacob, outside in front of our house. We go out at least once a day and sit on the porch in his Bumbo because he loves the wind and the birds and the passing cars (though there aren't many of those, thankfully).


joyful704 said...

you have a mac, what is with all these technical difficulties?!!!

Lilita said...

I know, right? No, the current problem is with Mac the company, some sort of maintenance issue. The other problems are with me, since Macs are not my friends!