Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strawberries and Greeks for baby

Since Jacob is just four months and change, I'm still a rookie mom in training, but we have managed to get out of the house and have some fun baby-in-tow style, largely because I couldn't imagine sitting around staring at each other all day. That would make the transition from working girl to mostly SAHM even more mind boggling! As it is, I'm often hoarse from singing endless versions and verses of The Wheels on the Bus and Go To Sleepy Pretty Baby (a lullaby learned from my mother that is really more of a hopeful wish put to music).

For example, in early April, when Jacob was just three months, we went strawberry picking at a local u-pick farm. I had been the year before in my footloose and fancy free days as a single gal and was looking forward to introducing him to the warm soil, the smells of the farm, the feel of the sun and the wind on his face, and the wonders that are fresh-from-the-ground strawberries. Unfortunately, the day we'd planned to meet our friends there dawned frigid and blustery (by South Carolina standards), but, undaunted, we bundled up our children in their warmest clothes (which was difficult for me, again given that we had very few warm outfits in anticipation of SC's mild winters) and headed out. Our party included, besides Jacob, one 6 month old, one 8 month old, several 2 year olds, and assorted 5+ year olds. It turned out to be even more of an adventure than we had anticipated as we struggled to keep the babies warm and the other little ones enthusiastic despite cold fingers. However, even in the cold and the bluster, picking strawberries with a baby in a Bjorn is imminently doable and quite enjoyable, combining getting outside with picking up (literally) some fabulously fresh treats and even sneaking in a little exercise in the process (strawberries are very low to the ground and managing the Bjorned baby helps you strengthen those core muscles!). And, since all us moms went together, I only felt slightly guilty about unexpectedly exposing my newborn to the elements!

On another recent weekend, we were feeling very ambitious (read: bored), and Jacob and I decided to go to a double header: a college baseball game and a greek festival. Actually, part of a baseball game. We wanted to see the Charleston Men's Chorus sing the national anthem, catch a couple of pitches, and then head to the festival for some dolmades and greek meat (in any form). Once again, I packed up the baby in the Bjorn (how would I live without this contraption?), pared down the diaper bag to lighten the load, and headed off. This time the weather was beautiful, but did I mention that my baby is VERY fair and not yet old enough for sunscreen? So that's us, me under the enormous hat (big enough for the both of us, natch) and him rocking the styling shades:
The greek festival turned out to be a perfect baby outing. Jacob loved the sights and sounds, particularly the dance music that was captivating for a baby just discovering rhythm. I loved the chance to people watch, peruse outdoor craft vendors, sit on benches in a piazza, and eat yummy food I didn't have to cook (gyros and spanikopita and fried dough, oh my!). So all in all, I consider our adventures in baby outings hugely successful: fun was had by all, we filled our tummies, and we got out on the town in Bjorn-packing style!

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RookieMom Heather said...

I'm impressed, berry picking and ball games with a four month old, that's what I like to see! Scary but fabulous.

joyful704 said...

first, i want that hat, and second, don't you love your new job!?? it is so much fun to watch your baby experience it all for the first time!